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Stainless Steel Facial Roller

Stainless Steel Facial Roller


Our Stainless Steel facial rolling tool is designed to be used to gently massage the face and stimulate the lymphatic system to decrease puffiness, ease tension and stimulate blood flow to increase your skin’s glow. Research shows that face rolling lowers cortisol levels, and cortisol contributes towards aging.




1. Always roll upwards and in one direction – never roll up and down.

2. Repeat up to five upward rolls in each area. First, roll outwards under the jawline to the ear.

3. Next, use the face roller to roll out under the cheekbones to the ear.

4. Lastly, roll flat along the brows, and then upwards on the forehead.

5. Work more slowly over the neck and jawline, but be brisk to firm over and under the cheeks,


The direction you roll in matters — roll outwards from the center of your face. Around the eyes, for example, roll away from your eyes to decrease puffiness. Don't go back and forth. Resist the urge to roll back and forth as that doesn't help improve blood flow to the face.

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